Created by two friends who saw a need to increase accessibility to Applied Behavior Analysis for parents and professionals, aba|tools was conceived in 2018 for the purpose of providing those who desire to improve the language skills of children with autism spectrum disorder with quick and simple access to relevant images used to teach verbal behavior. aba|tools strives to deliver easily accessible implementation of critical programming through a digital interface that is both mobile and cost effective compared to physical images.

Patrick Roper
Patrick Roper is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) with more than 20-years experience working with children and adults on the autism spectrum. In his free time he plays Dungeons and Dragons as a sneaky rogue, learning the finer points of backyard BBQ, and trying to develop a method of composting burnt meat.
Ryan Capehart is a TypeWell transcriptionist for Deaf and Hard of Hearing college students with more than a decade of experience in his field. A huge nerd, he amuses himself by thwarting Patrick’s rogue any chance he gets, daytime stargazing, and downhill waterskiing.
Ryan Capehart