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There only seem to be images of items, but not features, functions, or classes themselves. What gives?

You’re right, to an extent. Some classes are represented as items within their class, for example Vehicles is a Class and an Item and there are five different images of vehicles to represent them. Many of the subjects in the Verbal Matrix are just the item, but we have mixed in some action images as well to provide for some Function images. We are in the process of gathering specific images for every Function-Item relationship, so for Function – Eating, the image will vary depending on if you accessed that Function from Dog or from Grapes. As for Feature images, in many cases by choosing a different exemplar and tapping on the image you will get a better view of a Feature and we are also working on providing you with images for every Feature-Item relationship.

Some of the images are scary or offensive. Is that appropriate for children?

Feelings about what we see are subjective. What one person has a visceral reaction to is benign to another. That being said, images of spiders and snakes, the Easter Bunny, human skin, lions eating, and other subjects that you may deem to be controversial should be reviewed by an adult before deciding to add that Item to a child’s program.

You don’t have [my Learner’s favorite thing], can you add that?

Likely, yes. If there is a something you would like added, contact us and let us know. If you have the rights to an image you would like to let us use, please share it on an image hosting website such as [Flickr] or [Pixabay] under a Creative Commons license, and we are working on a method to let you share images to us directly.

You have an entire Class for Familiar People, but barely any images. Why is that?

We’re working on a method to allow your Learner to have images for their own family and friends, but it’s a bit of a tricky problem. Our Chief Information Officer, Ryan, is a big nerd and we’re sure he’ll come up with a solution.

Can you give input or advice about my Learner?

Unfortunately we cannot provide strategies or interventions specific to your Learner’s behavior. There are many great ABA practitioners we do recommend you contact if you are in need of a consultation.

You guys are funny.

That wasn’t a question, and our teenagers would disagree with you.

Do you offer a discount for non-profits or Schools?

Yes, please contact us with your needs and we would be happy to work with you.

Any chance for a Spanish language version of aba|tools?

We would love to provide aba|tools in several languages and hope to do so in the future. Stay tuned!