Getting Started

Welcome! We believe that with aba|tools you will have a more robust and effective therapy session with your learner, and here’s how you can achieve that.

Start off by registering with aba|tools and have a look around for a 14-day free trial. Enter the relevant information including your name and organization type, choose a username and enter your email address. After verifying the email address, you’ll find yourself in your Dashboard which will be your hub to navigate aba|tools.


From the Dashboard you can access your Account information, view and change your Subscription, create a Team, and add Learners. All your Learners aba|tools will also be visible on your Dashboard.

During the trial period you will be able to use our Sample learner, but with a paid subscription you will be able to add learners and customize their targets. Each organization can set up as many users as needed, each with varying account permissions.

Register today to get started!

In Account you will find your account information including username, email, office, and role, and the ability to change your password.

As an Owner or Manager, you will also have access to the Subscription link. Here you can update the number of Learners you have available, but only Owners will have access to the Cancel Subscription button.

At the Team link, Owners and Managers are able to invite Team members. Enter the email addresses of your Team to send them a unique link to access your aba|tools. They will choose their own username which will be followed by your office name. For example, at SuddenValleyABA, Buster’s username would be Buster.SuddenValleyABA.

Through the Learners link, the roles of Owner, Manager, and BCBA have the ability create and delete Learners as well as use the blue target icon to customize your learner’s program. The green person allows you to edit your Learner’s assignments, and the red person allows you to delete the Learner.


The person who created the account initially is the Owner, and this role cannot be deleted manually, however if this need arises, please contact us and we will be glad to help. Users can have multiple roles, such as a Clinical Director at your organization may have the roles of Manager as well as BCBA.

Managers have all the permissions of the Owner except access to billing information.

BCBA’s, SLPs, and Teachers are able to create Learners and Team members, however are unable to see all the team members in an organization, only those Users and Learners assigned to them.

Parents and Therapists only have access to Learners assigned to them.


When adding a new Learner, choose a unique identifier. We recommend not using a full first and last name for their own privacy. Then select the BCBA and Therapist for the learner, and after saving, you are ready to customize targets.

Custom Targets

Every Learner is unique, and so should each Learner’s experience at aba|tools. Choose targets relevant to your Learner’s life and environment and then add related targets that can be used to teach mands/requests, tacts/labels, and intraverbals/conversation. By clicking the blue target button, you will be able to access the Custom Targets interface.

Targets are first organized by class for ease of access in the first column, followed by Visibility, Baseline and Progress. Baseline and Progress are currently only placeholders for data collection and reports, but we will let you know as soon as they become active.

By clicking on Show All, every item in the class, along with all Feature and Function relationships will become visible. When customizing a learner with a large tact repertoire it may be more efficient to Show All of a class, click to customize, and then Hide only those relationships that are not relevant to your learner.

By clicking Customize on a particular Class, you will then have access to each item within that class. Use the Jump to: menu to quickly navigate to an item. This is especially helpful in Classes such as Animals and Food and Drinks.

Targets are displayed first by Class, then Feature and Function. Choose which relationships you want displayed by clicking Show, and then Update at the bottom of that Item. Again, Baseline and Progress are not yet in use. After Updating a target, you will keep your place within that class, however if you want to go back to the top, on the bottom left of the screen a yellow up arrow will take you back to the top of the page where you can select a new target or Back to Classes to select from a new Class.

Customized targets are available across tools, so there is no need to create the same custom program for both Receptive Identification and the Verbal Matrix.


With your aba|tools subscription, you will have access to all the tools available on our website, which include Receptive Identification, a separate Rec ID with Multiple Exemplars, and the Verbal Matrix. Matching, Sorting, data collection, and reports are all in development and we hope to provide you access to these tools soon!

Final Thoughts

We very much care about the progress of your Learners! It is our hope that with aba|tools you will help to improve the Verbal Behavior and independent functioning of a generation of children. Please, if there is anything we can improve on, let us know, and if you get a chance, share your success stories with us, they will reinforce our behavior of providing you with access to additional images, relationships, and tools. Thank you for all you do for these kids!