Receptive Identification

In order for a Learner to acquire the skills necessary to communicate, a set of relevant items must be acquired as a listener. Achieve this using our Receptive Identification tool by selecting targets from your Learner’s custom program and the appropriate field size.

Use the refresh button to display multiple exemplars of your target, and we’ve built in randomized placement to combat side biases. Clicking on Change Target will take you back to your selection menu.

With the Receptive ID tool you will be able to teach VB-MAPP Listener Responding and LRFFC Milestones and Supporting Skills and ABLLS-R Receptive Identification Tasks that require images in fields of two to six (8 and 10 are coming soon), as well as labeling sets of items (VB-MAPP Tact 9-a / ABLLS-R G18).

Selecting and tacting Non-examples (VB-MAPP LR15-a / ABLLS-R G29) can be achieved using the Receptive ID Multiple Exemplars tool.

By clicking on Messy Field each image will be displayed slightly off center. By leaving the target selection Random, you can probe targets quickly and easily from among those already added to the Learner’s custom program.