Verbal Matrix

The Verbal Matrix is an extremely versatile tool for teaching both tacts and intraverbals. Through our exclusive database of nearly 10,000 (and growing!) Feature, Function, and Class relationships your Learners are primed for advanced Verbal Behavior skills.

For teaching tacts, use the Verbal Matrix learner-facing and access items by Feature, Function, or Class, or by the master list of Items from the initial selection screen, or choose a random target.

Once you’ve made your selection of an item, one of up to five images will appear on the left side of the screen, and the ability to choose different exemplars of that item is just below. The right side of the screen provides access to those relationships you have customized for your learner, and by clicking on one of the buttons, such as Feature – Ear, a fourth column on the far right will be populated with up to 12 items which also share the Function, Feature, or Class that was selected. You will be able toyou’re your Learner multiple questions on the same item, and only navigate away from that item when you click one of the column headers or a button under the Item column. Tapping the image itself will enlarge the image, and tapping it again will return it to its original size.

Once your learner has mastered 3-4 tacts of items each from different classes, begin teaching a set of functions and features that are interrelated, such as the functions of eating or flying and features like mouth and wings. These tacts will become the beginning of an advanced intraverbal webbing program which is the heart of the Verbal Matrix.

By using the tool therapist-facing, guide your Learner in a conversation using questions mastered as tacts. The Therapist will be able to quickly prompt incorrect or no-responses with the relevant image, or reinforce correct responses by showing the appropriate picture. As your Learner masters not only new tacts, but concepts, generalization through the Verbal Matrix can be achieved quickly across novel images and multiple exemplars of mastered tacts.