I am not a fan of big textbook companies. Is aba|tools in this category?

No! aba|tools was created by Patrick Roper (BCBA®) and Ryan Capehart (transcriptionist for hearing impaired college students). They created the program for their own use as an alternative for other ABA materials (which they found outdated and difficult to organize). They continue to use and expand the program based on experience, research, and feedback.


I think my child has some delays in language development. If I start using ABA resources, will my child become dependent on them?

No! aba|tools helps children acquire language skills that they are missing. For many parents, aba|tools is a supplement to daily literacy tasks (reading to children, following recipes, etc.).


How do I know whether my child needs aba|tools?

When you start using aba|tools, it will become apparent within a few sessions whether your child has gaps in their language skills. People without language delays will easily select the appropriate responses with few errors.


Is aba|tools compatible with the VB-MAPP® and ABLLS-R® ?

Yes! We have created Skill Assessments for every relevant task in each assessment area, and are in the process of adding additional Skill Assessment to address the VB-MAPP® Task Analysis and Supporting Skills as well as the Common Core State Standards.


I am a parent and I don’t know anything about ABA assessments. Can I still use aba|tools with my child?

Yes! You don’t have to be a teacher to read your toddler a story. And you don’t have to be an ABA therapist to help your learner with their receptive language acquisition. Of course, a clinician will have more training and experience, but some children don’t qualify for services or are on a waitlist to begin ABA therapy. For parents who want to help build their child’s language skills today, aba|tools is the most parent-friendly program available.


Will aba|tools be a good resource to provide for my child’s therapist?

Yes! aba|tools is designed by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA®). If your child’s therapist is still showing up for therapy with flashcards, aba|tools will be a valuable asset.


Some of the images are scary or offensive. Is that appropriate for children?

Feelings about what we see are subjective. What one person has a visceral reaction to is benign to another. That being said, images of spiders and snakes, the Easter Bunny, human skin, lions eating, and other subjects that you may deem to be controversial should be reviewed by an adult before deciding to add that Item to a child’s program.


You don’t have [my Learner’s favorite thing]. Can you add that?

Likely, yes. If there is something you would like added, contact us and let us know. If you have the rights to an image you would like to let us use, please share it on an image hosting website such as [Flickr] or [Pixabay] under a Creative Commons license, and let us know the image is available by sending us a link.


Can you give input or advice about my learner?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide strategies or interventions specific to your learner’s behavior. You can find a BCBA® in your area here.

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