a mother and daughter work with online autism specialists

Autism Specialists Available Near Me or Online

Finding useful aba resources can feel overwhelming. Knowing where to find tools, specialists, and resources that fit your child, family, and financial needs can often be the first difficult step when working with an autism diagnosis. For many, online tools and resources are the most practical and convenient way to support your entire family without…

a woman helps a child learn verbal behavior

How Do I Teach Verbal Behavior?

Verbal behavior is our ability to speak our needs and respond to others with easily understood language. For children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), verbal behavior can be challenging. Some may struggle to articulate words, have underdeveloped muscles in the neck, throat, and mouth, or don’t verbally communicate at all. Symptoms of speech delays can…

a child works on her listener responding skills

Helping Children Who Struggle with Listening Responding Skills

The human experience is rooted in communication. Every day, we rely on our ability to listen and respond to one another’s verbal cues. This ability to listen and respond is called listener respond or LR in the world of autism therapy. For children with autism spectrum disorder language skills like listener responding may develop slowly…

a woman is trying to prevent autism self-injury

How to Safely Manage Self-Injury in Your Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Repetitive motions like arm flapping, nodding, and stomping may be early signs of autism spectrum disorder. These movements have the potential to escalate into more violent behavior, causing self-injury. Violence and self-injury can be the most difficult symptoms of autism spectrum disorder witness and experience. While rather common, these behaviors are considered nonsuicidal, often involving…

a mother and child work on listener responding together

What Is Listener Responding?

Communication is rooted in our ability to listen and respond to one another’s verbal cues. We answer questions, follow directions, and voice our own opinions by listening to others who, in turn, listen to us. For those with autism spectrum disorder, language skills like listener responding may develop more slowly or need language skills training…

a child with autism works on language skills

Taking a Proactive Approach to Language Skills

Language and communication barriers are one of the greatest challenges for those with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their loved ones. Those with ADS may have trouble understanding language and responding to oral cues and questions. Others may have trouble expressing their needs in response to questions or struggle to follow oral directions. These challenges cause…

a puzzle piece represents the importance of an autism diagnosis

How Is Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnosed?

Autism spectrum disorder covers a wide scope of developmental challenges affecting at least one percent of the global population. Like many disorders, autism cannot be diagnosed by a simple blood test. Through behavioral observation, symptom tracking, and autism screening, doctors and therapists diagnose children and adults across the autism spectrum. Others may not speak at…