When we as parents, BCBAs, teachers, and ABA therapists implement an intervention, such as an autism app, everyone working with the child should do their best to be consistent in their approach in order to encourage a meaningful change in the child’s language skills and behavior. While finding a BCBA in your area is a challenge in 2021, many families choose an ABA telehealth program rather than working with a therapist in person. Whether your child is participating in in-person or online ABA therapy, most parents and BCBAs agree: ABA flashcards are outdated. Using digital ABA tools decreases the spreading of germs and allows for easier organization and data tracking.  

Technology-Enhanced ABA Therapyaba telehealth is a great tool for autism spectrum disorder

If you have decided to implement an autism app or ABA telehealth program, establish a routine for starting the app. As the child gets accustomed to the routine, you can make gradual changes. Applied behavior analysis (ABA) offers interventions to improve and increase communication, knowledge, and socially appropriate behavior. Online ABA tools can be helpful to children with difficulties in the following areas:

  • Generalization
  • Verbal behavior development
  • Skill maintenance
  • Stabilization of taught behaviors
  • Developing language skills
  • Adaptive functioning
  • Receptive language development

Children who’ve received a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder –meeting DSM-V criteria – are at risk of additional difficulties once they return to school. Readjusting to school routines and using language appropriately are skills that become even more challenging for a child who grows used to only communicating only with immediate family members. Finding a digital ABA program like the one we created at aba|tools can be helpful for parents and BCBAs to use with their learners. Digital ABA tools are the most hygienic ABA tools!

Getting Started with Remote Therapy

At aba|tools, our goal is to provide access to ABA telehealth resources that are used in place of physical materials. Our apps and autism resources are designed to be flexible. This allows for therapists or parents to work closely with their children to find the best type of therapy for their needs. Because a remote therapy program is possible, children who would otherwise be unable to access the therapy necessary have access to it in new ways.

Our programs are different and versatile. For many, they can be life-changing in improving communication. Take a few minutes now to learn more about what this type of therapy is and how ABA telehealth may fit your needs. Here are some of the tools you need: 

  • Verbal Matrix
  • RISE
  • RIME
  • Explore our tutorials
  • Learn about our programs

Online ABA Tools in 2021

Finding a way to connect and receive therapy is more difficult today than ever before due to health restrictions. However, remote therapy may be helpful to many children with autism. Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is still the leading method for learning and growing for those diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. That’s why online ABA materials are so valuable. They allow a person to receive the ABA therapy they need – that has proven to work – without requiring their parent or therapist to organize and sterilize a library of flashcards. 

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ABA telehealth programs still require the presence of an adult to guide the child’s learning, provide supervision, and organize materials. Many people find that remote therapy is an exceptional way for individuals with autism to grow and develop in a safe environment. Having digital ABA flashcards is the new standard in ABA therapy. At aba|tools, we provide the tools to help make that happen. Connect with us online to learn more about how we used our personal experience in ABA to develop our collection of online ABA tools.